Each individual has unique and very personal financial needs. Clinton National Bank's trust professionals can work closely with you to design and manage programs to meet you and your family’s long-term financial needs. We offer a variety of tools to help you select and maintain the right mix of assets to meet your objectives. Working together with you, we will choose the right types of investments to achieve your financial goals.



Managed Investment Accounts
For individuals who do not have the time, expertise or desire to manage their own investment portfolios. Learn more.

Self-Directed Investment Accounts
For individuals who want access to a wide range of mutual funds or who prefer to make their own investment decisions. Learn more.

Custody Accounts
For individuals who want Clinton National Bank to provide all the administrative, custody and record keeping services, but who want to manage their own portfolios or choose someone else to manage their investments. Learn more.



Employee Benefit Programs - Qualified pensions, profit sharing and 401(k) plans
Qualified pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plans offer many benefits to both employers and employees. Along with favorable tax treatment, these accounts strengthen retirement benefits which can help build employee morale. An employer sponsored retirement account can help to attract and retain qualified employees. The administration of a qualified plan can be complicated and technical. Clinton National Bank can provide the record keeping involved with those plans, as well as developing investment options, programs and education for employees.

If you are participating in an Employee Benefit Program managed by CNB, click here to login to view the online reporting of your account balance.


In addition to qualified corporate retirement accounts, pension and 401(k)s offered by Clinton National Bank, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a great way to save for the future. Many people are looking to invest their IRA assets for diversification purposes and for the potential of producing greater return over time. Clinton National Bank can assist you in making the most of these attractive, tax advantaged accounts by helping you establish a new IRA or rollover your current IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan assets.

IRAs - Individual Retirement Accounts

Traditional IRA
Contributions may be tax-deductible based on income. Earnings are tax-deferred, with limited penalty-free withdrawals. After age 70 1/2, contributions are disallowed and distribution becomes mandatory. Learn more.

Roth IRA
Contributions are not tax-deductible but earnings can become tax-free on qualified distributions for accounts open five or more years. There are income limitations and limited penalty-free withdrawals. Contributions can continue after age 70 1/2 with no mandatory distributions. Learn more.

IRA Rollovers
If you are changing jobs or wish to consolidate existing IRA accounts into a single IRA, Clinton National Bank can help. Rollover or transfer retirement funds from a former employer’s plan or other IRA accounts into a Clinton National Bank IRA account. Learn more.


An increasing number of people are working with their attorneys to establish a personal trust, which can be an effective tool for asset management and protection, tax and estate planning. Clinton National Bank provides trustee services. Learn more.


An index of common fiduciary terms and definitions. Learn more.

Trustee Selection
Some items to consider before selecting your trustee. Learn more.

General Steps to Create a Trust
A guide through the various tasks in creating a trust. Learn more.


Monitoring your investments and your portfolio is easier than ever, because all your investments can be viewed over the Internet through TrustReporter. You can access your account anytime to obtain portfolio summaries, account holdings, market values and transaction information. Learn more.