Clinton National Bank’s Thumbuddy Club is just for kids 12 and under.  To open a special Thumbuddy savings account, simply deposit a minimum of $10 into your new account.

Every new member will receive a neat Thumbuddy T-shirt, Thumbuddy Club account book, membership card, special newsletter, and your own savings account statement.

Receive Thumbuddy points each time you make a deposit and redeem for great prizes.  Receive double points when you make a deposit on Fridays.  Redemption areas are located at all Clinton National Bank locations and are open during regular business hours.

  A special letter will be mailed to you for the month of your birthday that is worth 50 extra bonus points!

All Thumbuddy customers are eligible for our Frequent Deposit Program.  Deposit $5 each month for 11 months, and the 12th month’s deposit will be made compliments of Clinton National Bank!

 The club hosts several fantastic club activities each year such as free bowling, movies and more!

You’re “Thumbuddy Special” to us!  Be sure to join our Thumbuddy Club!  Thumbuddy accounts may be opened at any of our convenient locations!      Click here to find a location near you.


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Everytime you make a deposit into your Thumbuddy Club savings account, you'll receive a coupon. Trade your coupons in for cool Thumbuddy Club items!

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