At Clinton National Bank, we encourage people to become regular savers. One convenient option is to have a portion of your paycheck directly deposited into your savings account, or start your children in the habit of saving early with our fun and interactive Thumbuddy Club.  We have a full range of savings accounts to help you and your family reach your financial goals.

Regular Savings Account
Whatever your financial goals are, a Regular Savings Account provides you with an easy way to build funds. With your initial deposit, your funds will earn a variable rate of interest.

Pet Protection Savings Account
This accounts helps you save money to pay for expenses that come from owning a pet. Account holders receive special benefits such as a 5% discount from participating area Veterinary clinics on medical services. The bank makes a $5 deposit to the local Humane Society for every new account opened.

Christmas Club Savings
A special savings plan to help you meet holiday expenses. Decide the amount you would like to save, then make regular deposits throughout the year. Before the holiday, you will receive a check for the amount you saved, plus simple interest earned.

Certificates of Deposit
Certificates of Deposit, (CDs) which offer a full range of maturities are ideal for investors. One of our CDs is certain to meet your financial needs.

Individual Retirement Accounts
Opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an important consideration for every wage earner. See one of our customer service representatives for complete information.

Thumbuddy Club Account
A unique savings program for children from birth to 12 years of age. Children earn interest on their deposits while they are learning the value of saving.

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Insured Money Market
One of the things you will like most about this money market account is the interest rate on your larger balances. See our customer service representatives for complete information.