Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card After the Bank has Closed:

If you need to report fraudulent activity after bank hours please call the following numbers:

Clinton National Bank Credit Card 800-423-7503
Clinton National Bank Debit Card 800-236-2442


Has someone stolen your personal information? Here are some indications that identity theft
may have occurred:

  • Failing to receive bills or other mail on time.

  • Receiving credit cards for which you did not apply.

  • Denial of credit for no apparent reason.

  • Receiving calls from debt collectors or companies about products or services you didn't buy.


Precautions you should take:

  • Carefully monitor the balances and statements of all your financial accounts.

  • Look for unexplained charges or withdrawals.

  • Place passwords on all your financial accounts.

  • Limit the number of credit cards or other identifying information that you carry.

  • Keep a list of all Customer Support phone numbers for all cards that you do carry. In the event you do lose the cards you will have the phone numbers easily accessible to call and report them missing.

  • Tear or shred any identifying information before throwing it away, including pre-approved credit offers, charge receipts, checks and bank statements and insurance forms.


Immediate steps to take if ID Theft has occurred:

  • Place a "fraud alert" on your credit reports, and add a "victims statement" to your file requesting that creditors contact you before opening new accounts in your name.

  • Close the accounts that you know, or believe, have been tampered with or opened fraudulently. Call and speak to someone in the security or fraud department.

  • File a "Miscellaneous incidents" report at your local police station and get a copy of the police report. It can help you deal with creditors who need proof of the crime.

  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online at 

To order your free annual credit report visit


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