Reporting Fradulent Activity After Hours Including a Lost of Stolen Card

If you need to report fraudulent activity after bank hours please call the following numbers:

Clinton National Bank Credit Card 800-423-7503
Clinton National Bank Debit Card 800-236-2442


Security Breach on VISA® Credit or Debit Cards
Please review the information below if you have been contacted regarding a possible breach in the security of your VISA® credit or debit card.

Clinton National Bank was recently notified that a data breach occurred at Heartland Payment, a company that processes credit cards nationwide, mostly for restaurants and small businesses. Data breaches do not always lead to fraud and they rarely lead to identity theft.

In response to this data breach, Clinton National Bank is taking additional steps to ensure our customers' information is safe. If your card account data was potentially compromised, that does not mean data related to your account was taken or fraud has occurred on your account. Please be assured Clinton National Bank is actively monitoring the activity on your account, or a new card is being issued to you to help protect you from fraud.

You are also encouraged to monitor your account closely and let us know if you see any unauthorized purchases. If you have not already registered for PC Banking, our free online banking service, which allows you to monitor your account anytime, we recommend you do so. Visit our homepage and click on "Online Banking" to register for this convenient, free service.

General Security Guidelines
Protecting the security of our debit and credit card holders is a top priority for Clinton National Bank.

There has been much publicity recently about the theft of card numbers and Personal Identification Numbers (PINS).  These security issues can effect anyone and are often caused by situations out of your control, as well as ours.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you of ways to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of these problems:

The best way to protect yourself is to closely watch your bank account activity and promptly report any suspicious transactions.

You should always protect your card and the account number.  Your PIN should be kept in a secure place, away from the card.

At an ATM, be aware of the people around you and the machine.  When you enter your PIN, cover the keypad so others can not see your information.  Always take the receipts with you, so you are able to verify the transactions on your statement. 

When you use your debit card at a merchant location, ask for your purchase to be processed as a credit transaction, thereby requiring your signature, instead of your PIN.  Also, ask for any carbons or other items not required to be kept by the store.  

Change your PIN periodically for security purposes. When you wish to change your PIN, we are able to do that at our main bank, in a matter of minutes.

Do not enter your card number or other personal information on a website that is not secure.  Internet Explorer will display a closed padlock at the bottom of you screen.

By following these recommendations, it will be more difficult for unauthorized people to access your Easy Check Card, Shazam® or credit cards with fraudulent transactions. 

If you have any concerns about the safety of your cards, please call our Customer Service Department at 563-243-1243 or 800-243-9007.

Debit Cards
Clinton National Bank uses a fraud monitoring service to review transactions on our EasyCheck Cards and Shazam Cards® for potential abuse. Transactions will be reviewed by this system within minutes of being authorized. This monitoring will not affect your ability to make purchases.

Transactions will be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fraud analysts will contact cardholders if they detect suspicious activity. An automated call will be placed to you using the latest information we have on file for you. You will be asked to call 1-800-830-1925 to verify the status of the transaction(s) in question.

If you confirm the suspected transaction is valid, no action is taken. If you confirm the suspected transaction is fraudulent, the fraud analyst will block further activity for card, and you will be asked to contact Clinton National Bank Customer Service. We will then reissue you a new card and assist you in disputing any fraudulent charges. In the event you cannot be contacted, the fraud analyst will block further activity for card, and you will be asked to call 1-800-830-1925 or contact Clinton National Bank.