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As a valued customer, you can enjoy the benefits of a MasterCard® and/or VISA® card. Both offer a competitive interest rate and no annual fee.You receive not only the card's special benefits and services, but also the efficient hometown service which you are accustomed to receiving at Clinton National Bank. For specific interest rates and loan terms see a loan officer.

One of the greatest aspects of our credit cards is our rewards program. When you make a purchase, you receive 1 reward point for every dollar spent. Those points can redeemed for great items such as merchandise, travel, gift cards and more. Ask about our Choice Rewards program, powered by Scorecard.

Our credit cards also come with these valuable benefits: Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance if you charge your entire fair to our card. Common carrier, includes air, bus, train, ship or taxi. Credit Insurance, which protects your card, your family and credit rating when you may need it most due to unexpected events. Ask for more information on these services.

If you currently have one of our credit cards and would like to securely view your Credit Card StatementClick Here. You will be redirected to a website not under the control of Clinton National Bank.


Reporting Fradulent Activity After Hours:

If you need to report fraudulent activity after bank hours please call the following numbers:

Clinton National Bank Credit Card 800-423-7503
Clinton National Bank Debit Card 800-236-2442


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