Clinton National Bank has been assisting businesses with their financial needs since 1865.

We offer a wide array of products and services designed to help your business grow and succeed.

Commercial Checking
Our commercial checking account is for businesses with large volumes of activity. These account holders offset services fees with the earnings credit provided on collected net balances.

Business Checking Account
This account is designed for the small business owner, such as sole proprietors. There is no monthly fee if a minimum balance is maintained.  You can write a generous amount of checks each month without paying a fee.

Account Analysis
Through this electronic balancing system you can analyze your checking account and manage it to maximize your finances. By maintaining the appropriate balance, your business can offset service charges.

Automated Clearing House
Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a popular employee benefit for businesses. This form of direct deposit can be a significant time and money saver for businesses because there are no paper payroll checks to process, reconcile or mail.

Competitive Commercial Loan Services
Every lending decision is made right here at home, by people who know you and the communities we serve. We understand how important these decisions are to you, so one of our primary goals is to give you timely answers to your borrowing requests.

Simplify your banking with eZDeposit. Make check deposits from your business electronically anytime that's convenient for you, making fewer trips to the bank. Easy to operate image scanning equipment allows you to forward your check images to the bank, saving time for you and your staff. The scanned paper checks are stored at your business for your convenient access and destroyed by you in 45 days. All transactions are protected with encryption, firewalls, and passwords.

Corporate VISA® or MasterCard®
We offer business owners the convenience of Visa® and MasterCard®. Both offer competitive interest rates and many other attractive features. Customer service is handled locally in our main office.

Merchant Credit Card Processing
If you're a business that accepts credit cards as a customer payment option, we provide merchant credit card processing. This service has attractive fees and can be designed to fit a wide range of business needs.

PC Banking
With Clinton National Bank's PC Banking, you can access nearly all of your finances quickly and easily with your personal computer. You can even pay bills in the comfort of your office. Put your finances at your fingertips and bank online with PC Banking. It's one of the most convenient forms of safe and secure banking.

Business PC Banking
You can view multiple accounts online along with performing ACH and collections online. Benefit from receiving customized reports and request wire transfers online. Business PC Banking is compatible with Microsoft Money and Quicken.

Business PC Banking Plus
With this product, you receive all of the features found in Business PC Banking along with fraud protection tools such as Positive Pay and Account Reconciliation. You can also automatically draw funds from an approved line of credit at the bank.

Account Reconciliation
This electronic checkbook balancing system for commercial accounts automates the process of tracking checks and deposits. This electronic reconciliation system saves you clerical time and money.

Positive Pay
Check fraud is a multi-billion dollar per year problem in our economy. Clinton National Bank’s Positive Pay is an early-warning fraud detection system. Positive Pay arms you with the information you need to stop check frauds before they become losses. Click Here for more information.

Sweep Account
CNB's Sweep account lets you make deposits and write checks at your convenience. At the end of the business day, principal dollars over a targeted balance will be swept into a collateralized fund. The principal amount and interest will be swept back into your account the next day.

Health Savings
A Health Savings account is used in conjunction with a High Deductible Health Plan, where contributions to the account can be used for current and future medical expenses. Funds are easily accessible.

Same Day Banking
Bank as early as 7:30 a.m. and as late as 5:30 p.m. and receive credit for your deposits the same day you make them. With this convenient service, all transactions are processed through the close of each business day Monday - Friday.

Funds Recovery
This free service helps our business customers recover funds from insufficient and uncollected checks they have received. Businesses receive 100% of the funds which are recovered electronically. A third party does the collecting.


Identity Theft Tips to Avoid Corporate Take Overs
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Tips to help avoid fees
Tips to help avoid insufficient funds and overdraft item fees:
(Clinton National Bank will be referred to as CNB.)

  • Your Available Balance may change under certain circumstances that CNB can not foresee. It is important for you to consider all transactions that you have conducted, but may not yet be fully reflected by CNB.

  • Your Available Balance does not include transactions you have conducted but we have not yet received. You can determine the amount you have available to spend by taking your Available Balance and adding or deducting transactions that have not been received by the bank, Credit Pending and Holds on check deposits, and debit card transactions identified as Authorized.

  • For Debit Card purchases, merchants may ask us to approve an initial amount and later send the actual purchase amount (which may be greater or less). Processing transactions that may settle for a different amount are noted by an "Amount may change" message on the Account Details screen. Transactions that typically settle for a significantly lower amount are categorized as Authorized and not deducted from your Available Balance until the final Cleared amount is received.

  • The final amount of most Debit Card purchases is received within 3 business days. If we do not receive it in that time, however, we assume that the transaction was not actually made and add the initial amount back to your Available Balance. If the final purchase comes in later, the actual amount will be deducted at that time.

  • When a check deposit is made, you may be given some portion of the funds as immediate credit. You can see this amount on your Account Details screen as "Available Now". The remainder of funds will be available to withdraw on the next business day unless a Hold is applied. If you made your deposit after cutoff, that may be two or more calendar days.

  • "Cleared", or posted transactions, are not always final because there may be certain circumstances when such transactions may be reversed (for example, if a check you deposited is returned to us due to insufficient funds).

  • CNB offers Overdraft Protection which allows a checking account to be linked to another CNB account to help provide protection against returned items or overdrafts. During nightly posting, if there are insufficient funds to cover a transaction, funds are automatically transferred from the Available Balance in the linked account.

  • You can receive account Alerts to your mobile phone or email to notify you when your Available Balance falls below a threshold you determine.
  • You can check your Available Balance wherever you are by using Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or text messaging

  • Items may not be displayed online in the order that they post to your account because the final posting order is not determined until the end of the business day once all transactions are received. You can see exactly how your transactions posted by visiting Account Balance History.