Clinton National Bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in the state and by far the oldest in this area. The following fact helps bring our longevity into perspective. The day the bank's Certificate of Authorization from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency was published in our local newspaper, was the same day the story appeared announcing President Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated.

Clinton National Bank's history began with the recognition that future economic growth of the city was dependent upon adequate and wise financing. To accomplish this, a group of public-spirited men took the initial steps toward the organization of a new bank. The guiding forces in this venture, which involved $65,000 - no small figure in those days - were W.F. Coan, W.J. Young, and Chancy Lamb.

The new bank officially opened May 1, 1865, in a small frame building at the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue South and First Street. Clinton National Bank's strength was enhanced even before it opened its doors due to a merger with the city's first bank which had opened in 1857.

The original stockholders of Clinton National Bank included Coan, Young, Lamb, Issac B. Howe, John C. Bucher, Samuel Rand, James A. Townsend, Thomas F. Butterfield, Lorin Wheeler, Deloss W. Elred, William Fuller, George Bach, William Campbell, and Pitkin C. Wright. The first board of directors included Coan, Bucher, Howe, Young, Wheelers, Lamb, and Townsend. Those directors in turn elected Coan as president and Townsend as cashier.

A sign of the bank's early success, which has crowned the bank's operation through the years, was the declaration of a 4 percent dividend, only six months after its opening.

From the onset, Clinton National Bank financed many early business and industrial ventures in Clinton. Included were the financing of the Clinton Water Co., Clinton Gas, Light, & Power Co. (now Alliant Energy) and the Clinton Street Railway Co.

Because of a steady growth of business volume, it became obvious after three years that more spacious quarters would be needed. Several locations were considered, including a corner of Sixth Avenue South and Second Street. Construction of the handsome three-story building began in June of 1868. The new building and its equipment earned it a ranking of one of the most modern banking institutions in this section of the Midwest.

In 1935, in keeping pace with the times, the bank launched an extensive remodeling program when W.J. Young, Jr. was president. The installation of a new vault with its 36-inch walls of concrete and steel and a 30-ton door made it one of the largest in the nation.

In December of 1955, a new building was constructed at 235 Sixth Avenue South. These quarters were expanded, remodeled and the exterior of the building was refaced in 1969.

The drive-in bank across the street was opened in 1968 and a second branch on Lincolnway was built and opened in 1969. Ownership of the former Camanche State Bank was acquired in 1987.

In 1990, the bank purchased and remodeled the facility to the west of its main bank to add 4,000 square feet for its trust and real estate departments. At the same time, extensive remodeling and decorating were completed in the main bank.

In an effort to better-serve its growing customer base, the bank added two new facilities that opened in the fall of 1998. The identical, beautiful new facilities were constructed on U.S. 30, west of Applebee's Restaurant and on the northwest corner of 19th Avenue North and North Second Street.

In the beginning of 2007, Clinton National Bank acquired five banks in the Iowa communities of Andover, Miles, Preston, Delmar and Sabula. By adding these banks, Clinton National Bank has nine full-service banking centers throughout the area.

Throughout our history, our reputation for safety, soundness and security has served our shareholders, our customers and our communities well. Now more than ever, those strong principals and strong core values continue to guide us in all we do.

Clinton National Bank’s Values, Vision and Mission

Our Core Values

Customer Focus
Safety and Soundness
Honesty and Integrity

Community Involvement 
Positive Work Environment

Our Vision Statement
To be the bank of choice, dedicated to improving the financial well-being and quality of life for the people and communities we serve.

Our Mission Statement
As an independent community bank, our mission is to provide quality products and services to our customers, operate in a safe and sound manner that produces shareholder value, provides a positive and rewarding work environment, and support and participate in our communities.